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We carefully select our Colombian coffees that gives us the flavor profile of orange candy, milk chocolate. Then we specifically cater our roasting profile for this coffee to preform best as a light and bright drip & filter coffee. The Colombian coffees for this roast are rotated seasonally based on farm schedules and availability.

Recommended Brewing Method 

We recommend brewing this coffee as either a pour-over or cold brew. This coffee reminds us of biting into a juicy apple, this coffee bursts with a juicy sweet flavors.

A Higher Standard: Choosing Single-Origin Over Blends 

Even those we name some of our roasts, we do not serve blends at Prestige Coffee. Over the years of trying many different single-origin coffees and coffee blends from all over the United States, we kept finding ourselves enjoying single-origin coffees more. This is because coffees that are the same varietal, grown in the same altitude and soil acidity produce coffees that are of similar size, density, and sugar content. This makes single-origin coffees extract more evenly, and your final product with more distinguishable flavor notes then blends.

About the farm

Since 1963, the Cooperativa de Cafetaleros del Norte del Valle has been present in the region, providing economic, social and environmental opportunities to the coffee community of Norte del Valle. They generate an impact on the more than 1,600 associated coffee-growing families, through direct access to their different services, programs, social investment projects and job creation. They have developed an environmental impact with their three protected forest areas, which add up to a total of 170 hectares located in the municipalities of Águila, Ansermanuevo, and Argelia. These forests are a source of water supply for the rural areas of said municipalities and are the habitat of thousands of wild species.


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